1:40 a.m 

1:40 am and sleep is not coming. My eyes wide open.

It’s been a minute! How have you guys been? Great? Cool… 

There’s a whole lot of things I want to say, but I’ll try and queeze them all in here. 

well I’ve been a little stressed this past few months I’ve been away.. oh my days! I can’t believe I even said that out loud. Lol, It’s been crazy trying to balance things. Bloggers who are consistent and go about their daily activities at the same time inspire me, like how do you guys do it?

Finished my exams 3 days ago. And you guys won’t believe I have only 9 days until school resumes again! 9 days!!! I mean c’mon. Oh well, that’s life for me.

These past months taught me a great deal  and I can only thank God for it ’cause it’s an eye opener. I consider it a win-win situation. Sometimes things happen in order for us to know the right steps to take in the future, and how careful to be when making decisions that would affect our spiritual, physical and emotional well being. 

That said, I’ve been planning this trip with my family and we (the young ones; not so young by the way) have been crazy excited about it. Well, should we ? I lost my aunt and it’s her burial we’re attending in my home town (Ondo state) and by the way she was pretty old (RIP aunty) and in this situation we can only thank God, right? Right. I just feel it’s going to be fun. I will post pictures of my time in Ondo State.   Counting down. I have already packed my luggage in my head. Lol. 

I could use the change of environment. Even though its only for 2 days) I’m going to make the most out of it, and the 9days I have to myself before school takes over. 

I also would give it my best shot to post here as often as I can. I enjoy blogging and  I just need to plan well. How do I do this? Ideas? 

Let me add that I cut my hair. Well, I transitioned for a short while and decided to chop off the relaxed ends of my hair. I’ll also post pictures of my not so small fro. I guess this is where I tell you I’ve joined the natural hair gang #teamnaturalhair 

I miss doing a lot of things, watching my favourite series, playing the games that I love, reading non-academic books, blogging just having me time. I’ve got to show myself more love. I deserve it. Oh yes!  

You guys will be seeing more of me. I really should go now. Sleep isn’t still coming but these fingers are starting to feel tired.  I need to try to get some rest now. 

Thanks for always reading! 

Signing out (3:03 A.M) 

Your girl,


How to maintain a hot body with a busy schedule. 

Hey guys! 
Today I’ll be sharing with you, how to maintain a hot body while keeping a busy schedule.

Photo from Anita Fagbemi

You know how it is for us, we go to school from 8am to 6pm, work from 6am to 5pm or even later. Before you get home, the traffic?! You have to fix dinner, prepare for work/school, prepare the kids for school the next day and what not. I mean where’s the time to maintain or work towards our dream bodies?! And when we finally get the chance to relax and do us, our laziness sets in. 

The question is, do you want a perfect body? Do you want to maintain your hot body? If you do

Photo from Anita Fagbemi

here it is..

The secret to maintaining a hot body and getting one is by healthy eating,  exercising, and maintaining the right habits. 

1. Eat in bits– you can do this by reducing the size of your plate. Instead of eating in large bowls, try smaller plates, cups, and bowls. If you use a smaller plate, the same amount of food looks bigger, so you’re basically tricking your brain into feeling fuller with less total food. For the foodies who are just learning to let go, you can eat the same quantity of food in different portions at different intervals. For example, bread lovers that eat eight slices at a go, you can try eating four slices now and four slices later. This is just an example it could be anything.

2. Workout- I know trying to fix a workout session in your schedule can be a little difficult especially when you have to work to get results. But there’s a solution; there are some workout cds that can help you with a quick but effective workout routine (you can try the 10 minutes solution). Its very effective. Works for me.

3. Drink lots of water and eat fruits– yes! Water. Water itself won’t help you lose weight but when you choose to drink water instead of another beverage, it will help you cut caloric intake and therefore increasing weight loss. If you want to lose weight, you should always choose water or another drink without calories. When you chew more, your body absorbs the food more slowly and as a result you will feel fuller. That’s why selecting water-rich foods such as fruits, vegetables etc can help you lose weight.

4. Take the challenging route– Most of us are guilty of this. Instead of taking the bridge, we cross the road instead, instead of taking the stairs, we take the elevator. Who doesn’t like the easy way, right? Ever noticed going up the stairs and your thighs burn like crazy? Yes. You’re working your lower body thereby giving you toned and slimmer thighs and legs when done regularly. For those of us who take the elevator at our places of work, we can get toned and slimmer legs without putting too much effort, Take the stairs!

5. No carbs after 7pm– I know it sounds impossible, but you can do it. Carbs are killers, and while I love my eba and yam so much, I do not touch them after 7pm. You see, we are not as active in the night time as we are in the day time so our bodies do not really use up these calories during the night time because of our inactiveness. Thereby storing them as fat. 

Remember this rule: Feast like a king for breakfast, dine like a prince for lunch, and eat like a pauper for dinner.
Don’t forget to slay! 

Thanks for reading! 

Dooney Black

The Mystery Blog Award 

*picks microphone* 

I appreciate you guys for continually reading my blog, you guys are amazing! This post is long overdue, it has been a busy week.

Guess who got her first blog nomination!!? This girl! (Lol). I was nomintaed by Lolade for the mystery blogger award.  

Thank you!!

A big shout out to Okoto Enigma for creating it.

The Mystery Blog Award;

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It is also for bloggers who find fun and inspiration in blogging and they do it with so much love and passion.
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  1. Never been to a beach (Lol)
  2. I work best under pressure
  3. I finish a tin of milk in less than 4 days. I love milk.


    1. Describe your childhood in one word

    Me: Mischievous 

    2. What do you want to be known for

    Me: I want to be known for being an individual that helps other people recognize their purpose and inspire them to believe they can make a difference.

    3. What can’t you do without and why?

    Me: I can’t do without eating. An hungry man is an angry man.

    4. If you were to write a book, what would it be about.

    Me: if I were to write a book, it’ll be about my experiences. Fun/crazy/sad/happy/mischievous…..
    5. Funny question ; would you rather be beautiful and dumb or ugly and smart

    Me: haha..as a girl, in all sincerity, beautiful and dumb. 


    1. What question do you hate to answer ?
    2. What keys on a keyboard do you not use?
    3. Are you willing to lie to a court for a close friend if it meant saving your friend from going to jail for life?
    4. Cats or dogs. Which do you prefer?
    5. Weird question: if you could have anyone locked in a room so that you could torment them for a day, whom would you choose and how would you torment them?

    My best post 

      I’m tagging Toyosiazeez Beautybypp Myvoguelife Aneeshamonae Bellezzacorner Simpleula  Dunniecole Labakeany  ubslai

      Thanks for reading! 

      Till next time..

      Now a contributor!!

      Hey guys!

      *singing* Its been a long day (only that, in this case it’s not a day) without you my friends..

      *still singing* And I’ll tell you all about it when I see you again…

      I’m here now, so let’s get to it.. 

      First of all, happy new year! Can you imagine, January is almost over! I hope goals have been set? I mean actual goals– and one that we would actually go through with.   I’m guessing your answer is YES. If not, it’s not too late to do so.

      Anyway, bringing us back to today’s post, yes! I’m now a contributor at  Velvet Pitch yay! 

      Velvet Pitch is a new blogging platform. 

      it’s a movement tapping into the need for the modern day African woman to find daily living tips at her fingertips. 

      And I’m really excited about the opportunity to be a part of this movement. 

      That said, there are a number of things that I have planned and still planning towards making the blog even better. Layout, content and all. It’s gonna be amazing!! Watch out 👀

      Jumpsuit- Riverisland 

      Sunglasses- Random 

      My pose game is getting stronger! Lol.. I’m getting there!

      Hair- hairbydooneyblack 

      Thank you very much for reading ! 

      Till next time..

      Review of 2016|| A fulfilling year. 

      Hey guys !
      Compliments of the season. I had a wonderful, wonderful Christmas and I hope you did too? 

      It was well spent with family, the food was amazing. I ate my stomach out; I ate to a point where I could barely sit upright. Let me add that I have a lot of Santa clause’s in my life right now (I received quite a number of things and I’m still receiving)

      This year in one word has been “fulfilling”. I started the year in so much fear, anxiety about how the year would turn out for me, but I achieved a lot of things this year, I had one of the best results, met amazing people, started a lot of things this year,like my blog, my business, got a lot of good opportunities…
      I should also add that this year was a year of transition for me. 

      Just like I had wonderful times, I also had a few challenging moments. I had people who encouraged me and I had people consciously and unconsciously belittled me. I was able to see the potential in the negativity and use it to bring out something positive which helped me push myself more to achieving what I have been able to. 

      Two days before Christmas was also a sad moment for me but I bless God all the same. I lost my mom and when I got the news, I couldn’t help but ask myself “why now?” I barely knew her, but it was a really sad day for me. Rest in Peace Mom! 

      I must say that I am proud of myself! Of the woman that I have become. All thanks to God. 

      It’s a few hours to the new year and I am really anticipating it. The new year. A fresh start. A new page. A new journey. 

      I’m glad that I’m here, able to write this post, and you! Yes you!! Being able to read this. Isn’t it just great? I can’t wait to see you guys in the new year. 

      I want to say a big THANK YOU to my readers and people who follow my blog. You guys are amazing. 

      To my friends that are now family to me. I appreciate you guys, even though I don’t say it enough.  

      Happy new year in advance guys !!

      PS. Make the most of today, you have just few hours till the end of the year

      See you in 2017!!


      Chic in red!|| The Blogger Point Christmas Party.

      Me and Anita Obasi

      Hey guys ! 

      This post is long overdue. It’s the 18th day of the month, can I still say “Happy new month”? (Lol) Well Happy new month to you guys! I hope you guys are feeling the festive season. I mean, Christmas is like how many days away? Seven!  And we are pretty close to 2017.. I really can’t wait! 
      Amazing year it has been for me and I’m grateful. I hope you can say the same.
      I really missed this space and I’m glad that I’m here. 

      Today’s post is about the blogger point Christmas party that I attended yesterday. It was totally amazing and I had fun. I got to learn a few things about blogging and I also met some amazing bloggers. It was hosted by The Blogger Point, a big shout out ro them!

      I signed up for the blogger point Christmas party because I thought it’ld be fun and a good opportunity for me to connect and network with bloggers.

      The theme was Yuletide (classy and elegant) and I decided to go for this look. I wore a red halter neck top, a pair of blue jeans, red pumps (forever 21), a white purse and I also added my Fendi glasses to add a little edge to my outfit.  

      Simple but chic!

      Photo with the lovely blogger of http://www.fashionglamour.com.ng
      Myself and Omolayo Nkem Ojo of http://www.findingnkem.com
      Picture with the guest speakers—Toyosi Gregory Jonah(brand: Desire1709fashion) and Oluwatosin Ajibade (brand: Olorisupergal)

      Me and Precious Ajiehi of http://www.beautybypp.wordpress.com

      The event was held at BLDbyplay and was sponsored by Originalcosmestics 

      And I like what I got.

      I’ll probably update more pictures later. I hope you guys enjoyed reading! 
      Till next time.. Burn bright! 

      Your girl,


      Things women notice when they first meet a guy.

      Hey guys! 

      I mean guys.. Get in here..I think you’ld  like to see this.. and girls too, even though it would be of more benefit to the guys.

      so I asked some girls.. Random and those that  I’m familiar with, this question- “what are the first 8 things you notice when you first meet a guy?” 

      And surprisingly, most of them gave the same answers.

      Now we are not being superficial, this is just the first things most women notice when they meet a guy. This list is based on the opinion of different women including myself and some of them we notice even without talking to him. You know, like you notice a guy in a party, class, office or wherever.. These are the things we first notice and I’m listing them in no precise order. 

      1. Looks 

      This came first for most of the ladies. His overall “look”. Looks are important to women. People care far less about natural appearance than they do overall “look”. Like you can be pretty average looking, but put yourself together well and you are a heartthrob. 

      Also, remember that saying-“beauty is in the eyes of the beholder” well, a guy that a woman finds attractive will not appeal to another woman and vice versa. Ask most women to point out men they find attractive from a long list of photos, and they will pick tall and short guys. Dark and fair men, those with hair and those without..there’s more to physical attraction than meets the eye! But really, a guy’s look is one of those things she’ll first notice.

      2. Posture

      This is another thing we notice. More than half of the girls I asked said they notice the way he walks, stands and carries himself generally. You can almost tell a guy’s confidence by the way he carries himself. If he’s slouchy- like I can’t even be bothered, I don’t feel like walking kinda way or is he upright and his chin high and all that- you get the picture? Your posture says a lot about your confidence.

      3. Shoes. 

      Ah! Majority said shoes and it the same for me except that I’m more interested in his feet. I like to see nice feet! Some guys always allow their feet to get nasty so if he has nice feet, it’s a good sign that he’s a clear person. Also, the size of his feet. A lot of people I asked were particular about the size of his feet- I guess you know what they say? Lol.

      The eyes might be the window to the soul, but shoes are the window to just about everything else. What you choose to put on your feet actually does reflect something about you. Women will surely take a quick peek at your shoes and feet in some cases. 

      women judge men’s shoes twice as much as men judge women’s shoes. 

      3. Mannerisms

      Most women notice your manners. Simply put, mannerisms are subtle behaviours, a habitual gesture like facial expression, way of speaking or behaving generally. Like she’ll  notice if you’re polite when asking for something. How you act when you are nervous, angry..

       As a rule, arrogant, agressive or rude mannerisms are not what we want to see, especially when you are with or around us. So if you possess arrogance and rudeness as qualities you wanna keep that in check and save aggression for the sports arena, please!

      4. Grooming

      Who doesn’t want to see clean hair; a good haircut and fine hairline? Clean skin, nails and teeth!?

      If you’re wearing a beard, it should be well trimmed.. It shouldn’t be harbouring all sort of things . This in fact, is one the things I’ll personally notice first.

      Short and clean fingernails, nice set of teeth,  well groomed beards, nice haircut, fine hairline and clean skin won’t go unnoticed!

      5. Smell

      Ask women to name one thing that is an instant turn-off with men and time and time again you’ll hear either bad breath, body odour or smelly feet! If you’re up close, a woman can’t help but notice how you smell, smell bad and there will be no second chance to make a first impression.

      6. Voice

      One of the first things a woman will notice when you open your mouth is the tone of your voice and the words you say (the things you talk about). And of course she’ll notice your vocabulary.

      7. Eyes

      Personally, this is the first thing I notice. I pay attention to the eyes. I watch where his eyes go. And it’s the same for a lot of women.

      8. How smart you are

       You’ll just know a smart person when you see one. His reasoning on rational things. His view on certain matters. In general, his attitude and approach towards things.  You can almost never go wrong knowing if he’s a smart guy. It’ll definitely tell from what he says. They make “sense”. This, my fellow male is what she’ll look out for/notice. No one likes a doodle head!

      9. Smiles

      Your smile is also something that’d be noticed. What’s there not to notice about a cute and genuine smile ?

      10. Friend circle

      This will never go unnoticed, at least for me. I’ll notice the kind of company you keep. 

      Proverbs 13:20 He who walks with wise men will be wise, but the companion of fools will suffer harm

      You understand?

      11. The ring finger.

      Yeah some of us notice that too. Even though I got this from only 2 ladies. Women will check to see if you have a ring on that finger or not. 

      Generally, I just notice his hands. His palms to be precise. Is that weird?
      If you want to make a good first impression, these are the things  we are likely to notice. 

      I hope you guys enjoyed reading this post, please do not forget to invite a friend and tell that friend to invite another friend….

      Also, like, share and comment; I’d definitely love to know what you guys think.

      Till next time..

      Your girl,


      What would you do if you had a very strong instinct that your long term relationship partner is cheating? 

      A person can love you and still cheat, the same way we love God and still sin.

      Hey! It’s been how many days??

      Welcome and thanks for coming back!

      Straight to today’s post. 

      Answering to the question on the post headline..

      I’m not naive not to know that all men have the potential to cheat and I also really do not believe all men cheat. Whether it’s emotional or physical cheating; I understand that there are a lot of reasons people cheat and if you want to give your partner another chance, that’s between the two of you. But cheating doesn’t “just happen” and it’s not “normal” or “a thing that happens to all couples”.

      You chose whoever you are with, with his/her character flaw, you somehow knew how they were at the beginning, however, someone could come to you and be as sweet as honey and present themselves to you in a particular way but when you enter a relationship with them, they act in a completely different kind of way. It happens! 

      But I think when you want to be in a long term relationship with someone, you need to read them, I think your intuition or instinct would tell you something. Unless you just wanna ignore it. 

      I’ve heard some people say, most especially girls say “I don’t care if he’s cheating, as long as I don’t find out” or a guy thinks it’s okay to  cheat- like “if I’m gonna sleep with someone, as long as she don’t find out, it’s fine”.Can we not condone cheating! 

      Or maybe I’m just living in a fairyland where I think people should at least have a mutual respect where you don’t feel the  need to slip out.

      If you are with someone and you expect them not to cheat on you because of how much they love you, that’s where you are wrong. You need to expect someone not to cheat on you because of their principles, because of the respect they have, not for you but for themselves. I don’t cheat on someone because I love them. Of course it contributes, but I don’t cheat on them because it’s morally wrong and my principles won’t allow it and it’s not conducive to how I wish to live my life. 

      Cheating doesn’t necessarily mean that the person doesn’t care about you. It’s a choice. 

      Another thing is when you are having an instinct that your long term partner is cheating, don’t go digging for stuff that ain’t there, because if you do chances are you’ll find what you are looking for. That’s what happens in most cases. Don’t go digging! It’s the last thing you ever wanna do. Trust is key right? Ask them. And don’t ask in a manner that they feel you are attacking them. If your instinct is telling you something ain’t right maybe because they changed up. The way they reply to your messages, the way they talk to you over the phone changed or maybe they start to spend less time with you..stuff like that..don’t assume anything just yet, talk to them about it, about how you feel..and if they assure you that they aren’t cheating.. Then good. But if they’re caught in the act or stuff happen to slip out, then it’d be up to you to make whatever decision you want to.

      I find cheating very unacceptable, be it physical act of cheating or emotional cheating. It hurts as much as the other. I can’t really tell which is worse for me. 

      Now It’s a scenario that happens all the time: You’ve met a new friend and you instantly feel a connection. The two of you just click and soon, the text messages are flowing freely. You’re cracking inside jokes, you’re very subtly flirting and you’re thinking about him or her all the time.

      It sounds like the start of a very promising new romantic relationship. The only problem? You’re already in a relationship- and it may instead be the start of an emotional affair. 

      Again when someone cheats on you by sleeping with someone else, it’s just as worse as a man treating another woman better than he treats his girl or the same way he treats his girl. 

      The first thing that comes to mind when one hears cheating is the “physical act of cheating”. Cheating  is cheating. Be it emotional or physical.

      Forming an emotional bond with someone other than your partner can be just as destructive to a relationship as physical cheating. It can cause emotional distance in the relationship.

      If I have a strong instinct that my long term partner is cheating and he happens to be, I’m not about to sit there crying in his face telling him “How could you do this to me?”.. It’s gonna hurt, it’s going feel like you’ve been stabbed several times in the chest. But I’m gonna tell you about yourself and I’m gonna keep it moving.

      What would you do?

       I’d be glad to know what you guys think.

      Thanks for reading!



      My very embarrassing experience on third-mainland bridge.

      Hey guys! 

      It’s been a minute..I hope your week has been going well? Well, so far, mine has. (thanks for asking, lol) 

      So, today I’ll be sharing with you guys my experience on third mainland bridge, it took a while to decide whether or not to share it but then I decided that I would.

      It was 2 years ago, I was doing my SIWES in one of the banks on the island, and when I was done from work, I’d usually go to my cousins office  then she’ll take me home. 

      That day, when I was leaving the bank, I didn’t really feel pressed to pee (I just thought I’d be able to hold it in till I got home; only if I knew). I just wanted to leave and go home, I was too stressed out to even go to the toilet to pee.

      Anyway, when I got to my cousin’s office, the pressure had increased a little. But taking the elevator was  a no go area (I’m claustrophobic) and climbing the stairs all the way to the ninth floor seemed too much of a task that day (I regret my decision). 

      We got into the car..oh wait! let me add that she decided to help a male collegue to his bus stop. We hadn’t even gotten halfway to the bridge when my bladder decided that it was gonna deal with me. I was fr**king pressed! 

      In my mind I was like why? Why me oh! Lawd..I didn’t know how to tell her that I was pressed, I mean we couldn’t have gone back, it was too late to turn back. Plus, I was really shy to say anything.

      I kept quiet for about 45mins (it was torture) while they were gisting and laughing, I was fidgeting. My cousin didn’t notice. Normally, I’ll just listen and make little contributions when necessary but I couldn’t..it was as if if I opened my mouth, it’ll just slip.. So I just kept quiet..then , the pressure increased.. *chisos is lawd*  I just wanted to be home. Then I looked out the window, there was traffic; red lights everywhere.

      In that moment, I grasp tightly onto the passenger assist handle and any other thing that I could lay my other hand on.. Like my bag..But I still didn’t say anything. 

      I felt like crying; or did I, lol?

      Then someone just said “I’m pressed”. I couldn’t even hear myself.. I wasn’t even sure they heard me , It was as if the urine had not only taken control of my bladder but also my hearing and speech. 
      They were still gisting, then I used all the ounce of strength in me to say “I’M PRESSED, PLEASE”. Then they paused and the guy looked back at me. My cousin didn’t know what to do, she asked if I could endure the pressure, I told her I’ve been holding it in, this time my voice shaking.. Was I about to cry? Was I about to pee on myself in the car, right in front of her collegue ? Hell no! My legs were shaking now..the cars weren’t moving, still red lights everywhere.  My cousin didn’t know what to do..she didn’t understand why I couldn’t say I was pressed before we got that far off on the bridge. 

      Then she asked the question That I’d been dreading, I had thought about it but I shook the thought off. But she asked anyway, “will you pee on the bridge?”..that’s the only option you have except enduring till you get home.

      Again, the pressure increased, I didn’t know when I said yes, you want to know what’s worse? I was on trousers!!

      I struggled to quickly open the door, I had like only 1 minute to open the door, pull down my trousers and peeeeeeeee. ( I just knew it was going to be a long one, and my brothers and sisters in Christ, it sure was!) 

      I opened the door, I felt the pee almost slipping down.. car lights that were directed towards me, made it pretty easy for anyone to see me in the night..there was no where to hide myself, it happened in the open..(helpless me) I quickly pulled down my trousers (OMG! my bum was out for everyone to see). Cars werent moving, the traffic was that bad! and my urine didn’t help matters.. It was a looooonnnnngg piss. I had accepted my fate.

      After I was done, I quickly wore my trousers…I didn’t even get the chance to wear it all the way up, and you guys won’t believe that It was that time the cars decided to start moving. I rushed in and didn’t say a word till I got home. I was just too embarrassed. 

      The relief, that was my reward for openly peeing on the bridge. On third-mainland bridge! 

      Anytime I’m on the bridge, I just shake my head and laugh in my mind.

      Only if anyone knew I was that girl. I doubt anyone even remembers.

      Unforgettable experience! 

      This post was supposed to be “my five most embarrassing moments”

      But then I thought about the length and decided to tell you guys about the experience I had on the bridge. Hopefully, I’ll share the remaining someday. 

      Thanks for reading!

      3:39a.m (signing out)



      Dancing in black!/ what kind of introvert are you?

      You know that moment when you’re just lying  helplessly on your bed at 12:15am, waiting on sleep to come and whilst waiting, you find yourself thinking about different things, good, not-so-good, embarrassing moments and what not..? Yes, my situation right now.
      I thought about how the same yet different my sister and I are.. (Does that make sense?) anyway, About how we are socially, how we sometimes find ourselves in awkward social situations and how we handled/responded to it differently. Should I add that we are both introverts??

      So, I went on google to search on something then I came across this article “4 kinds of introverts” in the article it says the four types of introversion are- social, thinking, anxious and restrained. I’ll briefly explain them.

      Social introverts- according to what I read, this type of introvert isn’t shy in the traditional sense. They prefer a small circle of friends. Even if they enjoyed being with friends or family, they still need downtime after socializing. Social gatherings don’t give them anxiety they just prefer to socialize in small groups rather than large ones and sometimes, they opt for no socializing at all. They prefer to stay home with a book or computer or stick to small gathering of close friends rather than attend large parties with many strangers. They prefer solitude.

      Thinking introverts- thinking introvert pay close attention to their inner feelings, they enjoy analyzing themselves. They often step back, in their minds, to evaluate themselves  from a distance. 

      Anxious introversion-  anxious introvert feel critically self-conscious around other people, especially strangers. When they enter a room, they feel like everyone is watching them. It takes them  a while to overcome the shyness they feel around new people. Even when they’re  with friends, they feel uneasy and alone. 

      Restrained introversion- They like to take things slowly. They are deliberate and cautious, and they think before they act or speak. 

      There! *tired hands and lazy eyes*

      This is just surface explanation that I have given to the types of introverts but If you’d like to read more on the types of introversion click here 
      And in case you were wondering, I’m more of a social introvert than the rest of them. 

      … not so perfect pictures of myself “dancing in black”… I’ll say I’m starting to come out of my shell and I’m becoming more confident and learning how to express my self more- verbally. 

      Just be yourself, accept yourself, love yourself, value yourself, express yourself, trust yourself, bless yourself and start all over again.

      Don’t let anyone make you feel less special than you already are, say to yourself..I’m strong, I’m beautiful, I’m perfect just the way I am!

      What I’m wearing?

      Dress: River Island 

      Shoes: Qupid 

      Purse: YSL


      Thanks for reading! 

      2:35am (signing out)