Currently listening to  Dj Khalid ft Rihanna &  Bryson Tiller — Wild Thoughts 

Its a little too late to say happy new month, but I hope July is treating you well.

Today is all about this very simple outfit. Simple enough to wear to classes, casual hang out with friends, to the mall..

My everyday regular outfit is a pair of jeans and a top. I like comfortable clothes.

So, straight to what I’m about today. I paired a yellow tank top with a white ripped jeans.

Yellow is a very brave and confident colour. Its associated with energy, warmth, joy, cheerfulness, happiness and curiosity. So by wearing this upbeat and cheerful colour,  you are bringing up the confident and vibrant side of your personality.

So all the more reason to wear it wholeheartedly !

Yellow is also great to wear with some of the neutrals, especially white. Neutral colours like ; blue jeans, black..

I also wore a black belt with my tank top tucked in.

A purse 

A blackkimono to match my belt and also my purse. I wore a very simple slippers to match the colour of my purse.

Meanwhile, you can switch the slippers for flats, heels, sneakers, sandals..

How would/do you rock your yellow and white outfit?

Please share  your thoughts in the comment section below⬇️, thanks!

Your girl,




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