How to maintain a hot body with a busy schedule. 

Hey guys! 
Today I’ll be sharing with you, how to maintain a hot body while keeping a busy schedule.

Photo from Anita Fagbemi

You know how it is for us, we go to school from 8am to 6pm, work from 6am to 5pm or even later. Before you get home, the traffic?! You have to fix dinner, prepare for work/school, prepare the kids for school the next day and what not. I mean where’s the time to maintain or work towards our dream bodies?! And when we finally get the chance to relax and do us, our laziness sets in. 

The question is, do you want a perfect body? Do you want to maintain your hot body? If you do

Photo from Anita Fagbemi

here it is..

The secret to maintaining a hot body and getting one is by healthy eating,  exercising, and maintaining the right habits. 

1. Eat in bits– you can do this by reducing the size of your plate. Instead of eating in large bowls, try smaller plates, cups, and bowls. If you use a smaller plate, the same amount of food looks bigger, so you’re basically tricking your brain into feeling fuller with less total food. For the foodies who are just learning to let go, you can eat the same quantity of food in different portions at different intervals. For example, bread lovers that eat eight slices at a go, you can try eating four slices now and four slices later. This is just an example it could be anything.

2. Workout- I know trying to fix a workout session in your schedule can be a little difficult especially when you have to work to get results. But there’s a solution; there are some workout cds that can help you with a quick but effective workout routine (you can try the 10 minutes solution). Its very effective. Works for me.

3. Drink lots of water and eat fruits– yes! Water. Water itself won’t help you lose weight but when you choose to drink water instead of another beverage, it will help you cut caloric intake and therefore increasing weight loss. If you want to lose weight, you should always choose water or another drink without calories. When you chew more, your body absorbs the food more slowly and as a result you will feel fuller. That’s why selecting water-rich foods such as fruits, vegetables etc can help you lose weight.

4. Take the challenging route– Most of us are guilty of this. Instead of taking the bridge, we cross the road instead, instead of taking the stairs, we take the elevator. Who doesn’t like the easy way, right? Ever noticed going up the stairs and your thighs burn like crazy? Yes. You’re working your lower body thereby giving you toned and slimmer thighs and legs when done regularly. For those of us who take the elevator at our places of work, we can get toned and slimmer legs without putting too much effort, Take the stairs!

5. No carbs after 7pm– I know it sounds impossible, but you can do it. Carbs are killers, and while I love my eba and yam so much, I do not touch them after 7pm. You see, we are not as active in the night time as we are in the day time so our bodies do not really use up these calories during the night time because of our inactiveness. Thereby storing them as fat. 

Remember this rule: Feast like a king for breakfast, dine like a prince for lunch, and eat like a pauper for dinner.
Don’t forget to slay! 

Thanks for reading! 

Dooney Black



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