1:40 a.m 

1:40 am and sleep is not coming. My eyes wide open.

It’s been a minute! How have you guys been? Great? Cool… 

There’s a whole lot of things I want to say, but I’ll try and queeze them all in here. 

well I’ve been a little stressed this past few months I’ve been away.. oh my days! I can’t believe I even said that out loud. Lol, It’s been crazy trying to balance things. Bloggers who are consistent and go about their daily activities at the same time inspire me, like how do you guys do it?

Finished my exams 3 days ago. And you guys won’t believe I have only 9 days until school resumes again! 9 days!!! I mean c’mon. Oh well, that’s life for me.

These past months taught me a great deal  and I can only thank God for it ’cause it’s an eye opener. I consider it a win-win situation. Sometimes things happen in order for us to know the right steps to take in the future, and how careful to be when making decisions that would affect our spiritual, physical and emotional well being. 

That said, I’ve been planning this trip with my family and we (the young ones; not so young by the way) have been crazy excited about it. Well, should we ? I lost my aunt and it’s her burial we’re attending in my home town (Ondo state) and by the way she was pretty old (RIP aunty) and in this situation we can only thank God, right? Right. I just feel it’s going to be fun. I will post pictures of my time in Ondo State.   Counting down. I have already packed my luggage in my head. Lol. 

I could use the change of environment. Even though its only for 2 days) I’m going to make the most out of it, and the 9days I have to myself before school takes over. 

I also would give it my best shot to post here as often as I can. I enjoy blogging and  I just need to plan well. How do I do this? Ideas? 

Let me add that I cut my hair. Well, I transitioned for a short while and decided to chop off the relaxed ends of my hair. I’ll also post pictures of my not so small fro. I guess this is where I tell you I’ve joined the natural hair gang #teamnaturalhair 

I miss doing a lot of things, watching my favourite series, playing the games that I love, reading non-academic books, blogging just having me time. I’ve got to show myself more love. I deserve it. Oh yes!  

You guys will be seeing more of me. I really should go now. Sleep isn’t still coming but these fingers are starting to feel tired.  I need to try to get some rest now. 

Thanks for always reading! 

Signing out (3:03 A.M) 

Your girl,



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